Cryptotask, a Decentralized Freelancing Platform To Expand to Hedera Hashgraph

Today, Cryptotask is pleased to announce plans to utilize the public network that will be launched by Hedera Hashgraph to expand its decentralised, distributed ledger task market platform.

“We’re proud to present a long term design decision to create a version of our well established platform on Hedera Hashgraph, which we believe offers a superior consensus mechanism that is faster, more fair and secure than existing blockchain systems,” says Vedran Kajic, CEO of Cryptotask. “Cryptotask already has a smart contract freelancing platform deployed on the Ethereum mainnet with some high value tasks having already been completed. Hedera hashgraph will provide us with an opportunity to lower transaction fees and increase the speed, and security of the platform. This is what our users need, and is crucial for creating a successful task market solution on a distributed ledger.”


Cryptotask’s platform for freelancers and outsourcers is disrupting current online freelancing systems through its token-based task market. The platform allows for up to a 10x reduction in fees than existing centralized systems, and supports unlimited task value and complexity. It also offers users the ability to earn money, through smart contracts for reviews on the platform. All of which means much more attractive conditions for clients and freelancers than incumbent centralized systems.


Vedran states that “to build the best service, Cryptotask is adopting the best technology. Employing the Hedera hashgraph public network will provide an opportunity for Cryptotask to better serve its users, preserving all the functionality required from the existing blockchain solutions but with more efficiency. We are now hard at work towards the goal of developing our globally distributed, secure, fair, lightning fast application on top of the Hedera hashgraph platform

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