How to use CryptoTask as a Client


Signing Up to CryptoTask


On the landing page you can sign up in the right hand corner by selecting “Sign Up.” This will bring you to the sign in page. New users must select sign up to begin.

Once you are on the sign up page select “I am client.”

Type your email and create your password and password confirmation. You will then receive an email notification to verify your account. Once signed in from your email confirmation, the first step is to fill in your profile.

Start by filling in your project name, location and about.

After this, your company/project information is ready.


Client Feed


After filling out your basic info you will be reverted to the client feed display.

On the left hand side you can browse through different tabs.

Browse freelancers allows you to view the list of who is available. My jobs displays current jobs freelancers are working on. Lastly, a call to action to post job.


Browse Freelancers Tab

You are able to search and sort by category or skill to find your ideal freelancer from the list.

By selecting a freelancer from the list, you will be able to see their basic profile, experience and projects they have done in the past.

If they look like a good candidate, just click invite to job to connect.

Next, select the job you want to invite them too and send them a message. They will be notified and you can begin your conversation with them.


My Jobs Tab


In my jobs tab, each job you have posted can be found here. You will receive notifications when a candidate applies for the job.

By clicking on one of your jobs, the display will showcase which freelancers have applied and your messages with them. A clean way to organize your work all on one display.


Post Job Tab


Lastly, you can post jobs by selecting the job tabs and filling out the information displayed. This involves the title, duration in days, the value in dollars, type, location, required skills, and description. Once done, just submit and it will go on the jobs feed for the freelancers to view.

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