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We are dedicated to helping freelancers and companies rethink how to do business. We offer smart contract powered solution for reducing fees and legal overhead.

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We are bigger than a startup. CryptoTask is a successfully operating platform.

  • 30 000 users with sign up rate of 3000 users monthly, 100+ daily transactions
  • 11.5% Month-over-Month growth
  • Acquired biggest central EU freelance job market
  • Aeternity grant of $150k

Huge platform fees (30%+) arrow
Fees are only up to 3% because we eliminate unnecessary overhead
Biased and inefficient disputes arrow
Automated jury process
Late payments arrow
Instant payment settlement via effective escrow mechanism
Job value limits arrow
Eliminated chargeback issue

Why another platform?

Our customers are primarily freelancers and employers fed up with traditional freelancing pain points.


We are scaling network opportunities by introducing decentralized P2P affiliate marketing. Freelancers can offer in advance a certain percentage of task value to a middleman who brings in a client.

on-chain communication
off-chain communication

Cryptotask flow


  • Providing liquidity and driving token price up
  • Rewarding CTASK-LP farmers


  • Earn 20% of task value as a middle man
  • Earn high yield monthly rewards for providing liquidity
  • Earn higher rewards when staking longer and entering sooner


Cryptotask roadmap


Ivan Nanut
Ivan Nanut

MBA, a decade of experience in leading dev teams, research, and development in the cryptocurrency niche since 2013. CEO, Novasoft LLC, app dev company. Created the official game for influencer Dan Bilzerian, “Save Dan", which was downloaded 2.5 million times. Worked with clients like Ericsson, T-mobile, Hertz, Bang & Olufsen.

Vedran Kajić
Vedran Kajić

Ph.D. from Cardiff University UK, thesis link. Blockchain R&D since 2012, author of the world’s first decentralized strategy game, Etherization. One of the first Solidity developers in Europe, Vedran has extensive knowledge about decentralized ecosystems.

Klemo Vladimir
Klemo Vladimir

Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Senior Computational Genomics Lead at LifeNome Inc. Received Google internship in 2007, Klemo has shown strong interest in blockchain and decentralized products since the early cypherpunk days.


Martin Ploom
Martin Ploom

CEO of, ex-VP Credit Suisse Zürich, Switzerland. Before Credit Suisse, Martin launched 4 successful products with 250'000+ users. He is an MBA, CFA, and Dipl. Inf.

Karla Meštrović
Karla Meštrović

Double Bachelor and MSc in International business by Hult Business School; with extensive cross functional experience from US, Europe and Middle Eastern markets spanning from global gaming, startup as well as cyber security companies. Extensive knowledge of market penetration, global expansion and product marketing focused on tech products and ecosystem.

Christopher Allen
Christopher Allen

Chris has been heavily involved in the development and deployment of commercial cryptography and FIPS-certified hardware security modules (HSMs) throughout his career having worked for industry heavyweights Thales e-security and nCipher (now Entrust-Datacard). He maintains an abiding interest in all aspects of digital security and is the co-author of “Digital Signatures” in the Wiley “Dummies” series.

How It Works

We are a decentralized blockchain freelance market ecosystem lowering fees by directly connecting hirees and applicants peer to peer. Job disputes are resolved much faster and cheaper, while your reputation is stored on blockchain and there is no arbitrary censorship or hidden tampering, such as hidden boosting, something that centralized platforms are infamous for.
Find work online – work from home on crypto, blockchain, app dev, graphic design, general development and many other freelance job categories.
Looking for a site to post a job? You are at the right place! If you are looking for remote freelancers to hire – post a job online and find a remote designer, programmer, coder, writer or any other expert.

Browse crypto gigs, use escrow and pay in bitcoin, ethereum, aeternity, stable coin or other crypto – loans available from our partner SmartCredit. Welcome to the future of crypto freelancing.

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