How to use CryptoTask as a Freelancer


Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up, create your profile, apply for jobs and navigate the tools for interacting with products and clients.

Sign Up

On the landing page, you can sign up in the right-hand corner by selecting “Sign Up.” 

Once you are on the sign up page you will be greeted with two options, select “I’m a Freelancer”.

Type your email and create your password and confirm these two items. You will then receive an email notification to verify your account.

Create a Profile:

Once confirming your email, sign in and you will be directed to fill in your profile.

Start by filling in your basic information such as name, occupation, location, and about me.

Next, select specific roles I’m interested in and tag specific skills.

Work experience is the following step. You can copy and paste your resume in the field and add work experience.

In the 4th step you need to add projects you have worked on in the past. Select add project to begin.

Fill in the project information and hit submit. The project will be displayed for clients to view.

Lastly, publish your profile and you’re done! Your profile will be submitted to the freelancer board list. Clients will be able to search you out on specific jobs they need for hire.

Once in your account, you will be automatically moved to the jobs home page feed.