Initiative; Trade trash for cryptocurrency 🚮🌳


An employer on our blockchain based freelancing platform published an environmental job open worldwide and paid in cryptocurrency. Candidates worldwide competed for the job of cleaning up a wild landfill in their area and getting paid in crypto. Could initiatives like this one shed the stigma and redefine the environmental impact of cryptocurrency?




Is crypto still safe?

It’s been rough several months for the crypto market.

While switching to a decentralized future takes time, the media continues to focus on the “crypto crash,” prolonging a negative narrative regarding the entire blockchain industry. In the midst of it all, it’s easy to forget the benefits of cryptocurrency; protection of monetary assets from inflation, low transaction costs (if any), the possibility of making transactions at any time of the day or night, no limits on purchases and withdrawals, and overall improving the efficiency of the financial system. 

For instance, hundreds of employers and freelancers on our blockchain-based freelancing platform make daily transactions within seconds; from USA to India, Switzerland to China, Germany to Ukraine,...we could go on. Recently, one of our European employers proved the point by publishing an environmental job open for freelancers worldwide and won by a candidate from Kenya who suggested cleaning up along the Nairobi river.


A crypto job calling out to crypto and environmental enthusiasts worldwide

Crypto enthusiasts from all over the world were summoned to clean up a wild dump in their area and dispose of the garbage at a legal landfill. As simple as it sounds, applicants went through the standard hiring process making sure all the conditions were met - having a digital wallet, agreeing on the cleanup location, a minimum amount of garbage, and the “salary”. Latter has been secured by an escrow system, where the employer deposited funds in advance, so a freelancer could work assured his deed would not only be paid with good karma and pleasant surroundings but stablecoin (Polygon-DAI) as well. 

Escrow guarantees payment upon completion of the task

After the job was done, funds were immediately released, earning the winning candidate an equivalent of 300$ in a matter of seconds.

Take a look at how the job of cleaning up the wild landfill along the Nairobi river went.