New CryptoTask logo announcement: We've initiated The Big Rebranding 🦖🤫


Big news! Today, we’re introducing a new logo as the first step in updating the visual identity.

We believe the new logo matches upcoming changes and future goals.

- We’ve transitioned from a sharp symbol in stark blue & green to a more refreshing and inviting one

- Open square bracket used in the programming language to pay homage to our primary niche, IT

- Lower case and a new font for a sleeker, smarter look

- Capital T to accentuate the "task" as a focal point of our name and of what we do


Soon enough, we are rebranding with a new website design too. Keep an eye on CryptoTask, because it will be launching shortly.


What’s next?

Along with a new website, some new features are coming with it. Next in the pipeline is a Decentralized agency model, where other users will be able to earn as agents connecting employers with the best-fitting freelancers.

To help employers speed up the hiring process, we are preparing a Visibility package, which will enable their job ads to stand out.

When depositing funds to the escrow, employers will have more blockchain network options to choose from including all the major stable tokens.

Investors are probably wondering about $CTASK. Upcoming changes to the platform will be accompanied with strong marketing to bring more escrowed tasks to the platform. Task fees and other revenue streams are used to buy the $CTASK token and burn it with the goal of driving the price up.

Accordingly, our team is growing too. Once we’re done we will snap a family pic and introduce each member.

As we are testing new features, we are posting Sneak Peaks to our Discord server so join, comment, criticize, and suggest.


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