Blockchange Hodling Company

Blockchange Hodling Company

Everywhere + Nowhere @ The Same Time..., United States

Blockchange Hodling Company (LLC)

“Think Outside The Blocks…”

$BLOCK3D Token (Solana Blockchain Network)

STILL designing the “Disruptive Dream”. 

STILL seeking unprofessional professionals, mad geniuses, or self believers with a desire to “Create Change” + utilize experimentation to test/redefine terms such as: disruption, innovation, creativity, “business”, etc. 


I originally posted this in October.   I was new to the platform at the time, and as I mentioned in the post I have been swamped in trying to do too many things at once. Since the original post I’ve made a little progress as far as launching the project goes, but I’ve made phenomenal progress...

Howdy folks!  Apologies for the informal approach here. I will just be super honest. I almost feel like this is just something that I have to do entirely on my own. I say this because I just feel like this is my destiny. I will sound like a whacko/hippie if I try to elaborate any further on...