Just another random CEO looking for a little help.


I am looking for someone to help keep my books up to date using firefly the open source accounting software. I have already setup the softeare but i need someone to stay on top of helping classify thigns and making sure that nothing is duplicated or screwed up.   Should only take a few hours a...

Looking for a full time assistant that speaks good english. This isn't a part time job or someting, but a full time job that requires sometimes to be working at whatever hours match up with what country I am in. Phone calls, emails, scheduling, this kind of stuff. It is a long term...

Looking for someone to help manage some servers, miners, etc. All is remote work. You should be able to work with proxomox, linux in general, nginx, apache, security. ETC. This is for a non-profit project and an indefinite timeframe.  Payment in SEPA or BTC.