John Connor

John Connor

Hello, I'm a business developer from Michigan, USA.

We need an experienced Wordpress developer. All details will be provided. 

Hello, we're looking for a travelling salesman to help with the sale of a vacuum cleaners on EU territory. 

Hello everyone!  It's great to be on the new CryptoTask platform, anyways, we are looking for a dedicated full stack dev for a long time assignment. He needs to be located in southeast EU, if possible.  Please send your references and good luck!     

We need someone to retouch 15 different photos, to obscure some part and emphasize others, details are sensitive and will be provided to accepted freelancer privately. Thanks

Help with SEO

prije 4 godine

Hello, I'm in a need for a SEO specialist with experience, I have a website which needs a quick improvement in page rank (if possible), and other SEO-related improvements. No work has been done so far and it is only falling on Google search. This could potentially become a long time gig, if...

Online research

prije 4 godine

We need help with some online research, looking for various contact info, analyzing it and writing down in sheets.

We're looking for an experienced growth hacker, preferably with at least 3 years of experience. Job will be a promotion and user growth of a new online platform.

Hello, we need a full stack developer to help us with the development of our online platform. All details will be given to applicants. Thanks