The core development company Trace Labs was initially founded in 2013 and is today a group of companies formed out of the United Kingdom, with presence in Slovenia, Serbia and Hong Kong. Trace Labs is a proud leader in contributions for the OriginTrail open-source technology - the Decentralised Knowledge Graph, SDKs and tools. Company extends its impact by being an active stakeholder in data standardisation efforts such as the EPCIS 2.0 Working group under the umbrella of GS1.

Trace Labs has implemented numerous solutions built on top of the OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph public infrastructure together with strategic partners companies like British Standards Institution, for whom Trace Labs also leads the development of Instruments of trust. Other partners and clients include Oracle, Swiss Federal Railways and over 300 other partners that Trace Labs worked with directly or collaborated in one of over 15 national and international R&D projects.

Trace Labs has won the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Centre Innovation Spark Award in 2017 and the team is often invited to speak at global conferences on the topics of data standardisation, knowledge graphs, enterprise adoption of blockchain and blockchain-based technology.



QA Engineer

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We have been experiencing rapid growth in the number of projects and customers with high innovation potential. For this reason, we are expanding our team to continue increasing our contribution to more connected global supply chains. Having the skills outlined below will enable you to quickly...

JOB DESCRIPTION   At Trace Labs, full stack developers are experienced generalists able to engage with various web technologies in an agile team. Having the skills outlined below will enable you to quickly get involved with the OriginTrail & other Web3 technologies we are building and...