Database Analys

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Posted on Feb 25th, 2020
Accepting applications
60 days
On Site
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Data Analytics
Job description MAKING A REPORT BI reports for the user are generated for specific reports not covered by standard Luceed ERP reports. BI reports are retrieved from the Luceed ERP database in 99% of cases. data visualization is done through Luceed dashboards, Luceed BI reports, Luceed Export ETL Transferring new users from old sw to Luceed. From previous sw we download data in various formats (connection to one of sql bases, excel, csv, ...). We analyze the downloaded data and transfer it to our database. MAKING AD-HOC REPORT For various purposes, ad-hoc reports are sometimes made to support / implement additional research on customer data DATA IMPORTS For existing users, various data imports from files that the user sends us (excel, csv, ..) are done. Mostly these are some larger datasets where manually entering through Luceed ERP would take a lot more time UPDATES DATA IN DATABASES ADDITIONAL TASKS (OPTIONAL AND DIVIDED IN ADDITIONAL KPIs): - optimization of existing sql queries - index optimization conditions - Excellent knowledge of SQL - Excellent Excel knowledge DESIRABLE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: - working with data visualization tools (Power BI, Qlik, ...) - knowledge of business processes covered by ERP - Knowledge of MySQL administration and optimization - Experience working with Amazon Auror - programming (C #, Delphi, ...)

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