Desktop App Development

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Posted on Apr 6th, 2021
Accepting applications
7 days
$500.00 (Negotiable)
One Time
Skills Required
  • Desktop Software Development

Please find mentioned below the desktop app FRS required to prepare your proposal.

I request your mentioning the type of technology and the workflow that is most appropriate to build the app.The FRS has basics on the features and the work flow for the app.

The purpose of the system is creating invitations email for taking a test, scoring taken test and creating reports based on the tests score information.

The system must be implemented as a Desktop-based application with backend deployed on the remote host server. Access to the system is realized by URL.

As a Desktop-based application, the system requires constant Internet connection.

The GUI must be functional and on any contemporary desktop operating system.

Two types of users are implied:

-          administrator – one constant account, access of administrator requires the authentication process

-          test taker – user provided with an access link to the test, no authentication is required

Administrator functionality:

-       importing test takers personal info from Excel (CSV) file (names and emails)

-       CRUD operations with test takers information

-       CRUD operations with taken tests’ information

-       creating access links and sending them to selected test takers

-       analyzing test’ score information

-       creating test’s score reports

-       editing a scoring algorithm pattern concerning the calculations of questions points, max/min totals


Test taker functionality:

-       following the test access link provided via email

-       fulfilling the test


Business process:

1.        Admin gets a list of test takers

2.        Log into the system, import the test takers info from Excel (CSV) file

3.        Admin selects test takers from the available in the application to send test access links to selected takers

4.        Having received the email, a test taker follows the link and takes the test.

5.        The system automatically sends the results (scores) of the taken test given the automatic send report option had been chosen by admin

6.        Admin logs into the system to see any test taker’s results generate a report of results of any test taker.

The offer that you can add or modify as per your convenience.

As of a Desktop App-based application, the functionality of the system is divided into two parts: backend and frontend.

The backend implies:

-          MySQL database for storing all the system information (test takers’ accounts, results, scores, etc)

-          PHP scripts to provide system functionality

The frontend implementation requires HTML, CSS and JavaScript to provide required functionality on the client’s side and contemporary browser compatibility.

The system requires all the clients’ browser to have JavaScript turned on.


The technologies that could be used:

-          PHP with PDO extension

-          html2pdf library

-          MySQL

-          jQuery library with some supplementary extensions

-          Bootstrap 3


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