Elegant business web page for coaching services

Task details
Posted on lis. 22., 2023
$260.00 per project (Negotiable)
One Time
Skills Required
  • Web Design

Required: Webpage that performs data validation, to ensure that the user is a human and that text entered is sanitized, and sends some form data to a (private) email address. This project is basically open-ended, but logos will be provided that have already been drawn up that provide the color scheme for the page (for CSS, etc.)

The webpage needs the following sections:

Coaching – Displays fee structure (pricing) in various major currencies (Euro, Canadian Dollar, Sterling, US Dollar) mandatory input fields for user's email, a dropdown menu for {1,2,3,4,6,8,9,12} months, a standard waiver in a text area (clickwrap agreement), and the current Bitcoin (mBTC) equivalent for the # of months selected according to the fee structure. Optional data inputs are a dropdown menu that contains the user’s Referral Forum {Bodybuilding.com,T-Nation.com} and a text input that appears to enter their forum username only if one of those is selected from the dropdown menu (probably something like 26 characters in length, characters constrained to whatever set is customarily permissible for usernames on these sites). The user accepts the agreement and agrees to pay the fee by clicking a button, which sends an email to the coach for whom this website will be maintained with the subject “New Coaching Client," and contains all of the input data in a coherent format.

Consultancy – Same as above, only the fee structure (pricing), and the email subject, “New Consultancy Client,” differ.


Articles – This should be a dynamically indexed section that the coach can manage like a blog, if feasible. Ideally, it is configured for end-user management of files converted from markdown in a wiki style to html. Clarification can be provided as needed.

Books – Similar to above, a dynamic section that, that for an additional $100 paid to the web developer (negotiable, may proceed with prior permission & clear acceptance), will function as a self-hosted storefront that transacts in Bitcoin (BTC), ideally without having to make external API calls, for shipping paperback books as well as for downloading digital ebooks… if this is not feasible, then the web developer should put into place some sort of placeholder for future development.

Hire for Writing: Submit Proposal – Similar to the Coaching & Consultancy sections, displays the fee in various major currencies, mandatory input fields for user's email, the website or business name, a dropdown menu for the # of works of authorship {1,2,3,4,5, > 5}, a multiple check-box {marketing, education, research, opinion/editorial, other} for the intent of the writing(s), a 500 character text field for the subject matter & scope (topic of focus), the current Bitcoin (mBTC) equivalent for the fee, and the text, “Supplementary materials (media, e.g., documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics) are to be collected as needed as work proceeds, if the proposal(s) is/are accepted.” The user agrees to pay the fee by clicking a button, which sends an email to the coach-author after validation with the Subject “Writing Proposal: Initial Proposal."

Testimonials – Displays comments from clients, and their country's flag next to their comment.

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