Full-Stack DEFI Founding Engineer

Task details
Posted on Jul 23rd, 2021
Accepting applications
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Blockchain Development

Full Stack Mindset

You are a strong full stack DeFi coder. Regardless of which frameworks you use or how you learned them, we’re looking for people who can write clean, effective code. You should already have proficiency in solidity and an understanding of how web3 / DeFi technologies work although we prefer expertise in distributed data storage, parallel computing, back-end applications, and DeFi data integration. 


Competent Across Platforms

We are looking for someone who can help architect and build complex infrastructure. You will be working closely with the CEO as a member of our founding engineering team to build a robust system. Familiarity with data structures, storage systems, cloud infrastructure, front-end frameworks, and other technical tools such as connecting with, cleaning and manipulating data from various oracle sources. Experience building block explorers, wallets, or other user facing Crypto apps is also preferred.


Adaptive yet Experienced

Proficiency with Web3 programming languages such as Solidity, ether.js, GraphQL, TypeScript, Java, C++, Python, React, JavaScript, or similar languages. 3+ years of experience in web applications development with 1+ years of experience as an DEFI architect - We require proven ability to design and implement robust and scalable defi systems built with flexibility in mind.


Financial Accumen

Familiarity with the Blackscholes equation and other binomial option pricing mathematics used for puts and calls as determined by the CBOE: Particularly a deep understanding of the VIX as an asset class. Experience with financial volatility time series data preferred but not necessary. You must be willing to learn rapidly on the job. 



To be negotiated based on skills and experience.