Full-Stack Engineer (Full-time Remote)

Task details
Posted on Nov 5th, 2021
Accepting applications
$4000.00 per month (Negotiable)
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Full Stack Development
  • Product Management

Overview of work and responsibilities
Without meticulous engineering, our operation will not function. We're looking for the most incredible engineers to make our platform shine, and a Senior Full-Stack Engineer to lead this effort along with our CTO. We're launching soon and expect to have unprecedented user activity upon launch. This will be an incredibly crucial, exciting role.

Role: Together with our CTO, you'll part own building out creativity ideas to and through our actual launch. Namely, you'll provide full-stack engineering support for our marketplace and companion iOS application and thought leadership to best engineering practices. As we grow, you'll be responsible for helping to manage our engineering organization and will help with hiring as well.

- Building the initial marketplace and APIs with our CTO
- Overseeing the engineering organization on a day-to-day basis as the organization grows
- Evaluate and confirm product design and changes
- Recruit, assign, direct, and evaluate technical employees
- Manage the installation, testing, operation, and maintenance of the product, making sure they are executed by the personnel responsible as the organization grows
- Organize and manage technical projects, making detailed plans and timelines that work towards the fulfillment of set product objectives
- Collaborate with other leaders to ensure successful development, release, and launch of a world-class product
Minimum skills and experience
- At least 5 years of relevant working experience
- Prior leadership experience of an engineering organization
- Solid knowledge of best practices in engineering and architecture
- Front-end development skills (Javascript, React/Vue/Redux)
- Back-end development skills (Node.js/Express.js/Flask/Mongo/PostgreSQL)
- Product management skills
- Rapid prototyping experience
- Capability to work on tight deadlines
- Excellent communication, written and verbal
- Excellent problem-finding and solution-finding skills
Experience and skills preferred
- Prior experience as VP (or higher) of engineering
- Experience in multiple major product releases
- Blockchain experience
- Marketplace platform experience

- Only hiring someone who has experience in building games for Riot / Tencent / Korean Studios process will be better than deving some Hypercasual games in Vietnam
- Need to build Server game, Multiplayer, Hacking, and singleplayer do not understand
- Regarding bonuses, I will orient to Cash, Leaders have % salary paid in Token, vesting according to Team Vesting Schedule
Why should candidates work here?
We are a super small team. We are young. We aim to create a culture where we grow as a team, let the best ideas win, and work hard to achieve our goals. Embrace creativity and problem-solving, we aim to create incredible outcomes.

- You will be involved in developing a brand-new product from scratch alongside a talented team
- You are trusted with huge responsibilities from Day 1. Be the owner of your own learning curve. The possibilities are limitless and depend on you
- You will work directly with the founding team with rich experience in startups and finance/fund raising
- We offer an exciting opportunity to work in the cutting-edge field of Blockchain Game
- You get to work in a very dynamic environment
Interview process
Interview with Founder

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