Full Stack Engineer

Task details
Posted on stu. 17., 2021
Accepting applications
365 days
$65000.00 per year
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Full Stack Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Development
  • Software Dev, Data & Web - Other

Our vision at Plutus is to liberate everyone with a rewarding and accessible financial system. Plutus bridges the gap between fiat-banking and cryptocurrency, combining both systems into a single account.

We make it easy for users to spend crypto and reward them with 3% crypto back in our native token, Pluton (PLU). Unlike other products on the market, we believe in a non-custodial approach to crypto - our users are always the ones holding their crypto and private keys.

We’ve recently received funding from Alphabits and other investors to fuel our ambitious plans of expanding across Asia and South America. We’re looking for a QA Engineer to join us on our journey. 

  • Strong backend experience with Node.js/Express development - at least 2 years
  • Experience with React/React Native, Jest
  • Knowledge of Relational RDBMS (ideally PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with non-SQL databases/key storages (redis, memcached, mongo, etc.)
  • Good understanding of JS transformation and compilation using Webpack, Babel, with ES6+ presets
  • At least 2 projects where you were fully involved in writing services on that technologies
  • Understanding OAuth, JWT, CI/CD,
  • Basic understanding of *nix, Docker, GCP (or AWS/Azure)
  • OOP/FP theory (SOLID/GRASP/Design Patterns, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of blockchain technology
  • Understanding SCRUM development methodology 


  • Basic understanding of Kubernetes
  • Basic knowledge of PL SQL
  • Basic knowledge of GraphQL
  • Experience of developing high performance, large-scale systems throughout the product lifecycle
  • Experience with local Ethereum network development 


  • TypeScript
  • NestJS
  • RxJS