Game Developer - UE 5

Task details
Posted on lis. 28., 2022
Accepting applications
$4000.00 per project (Negotiable)
One Time
Skills Required
  • Game Development

Job description

We are looking for a passionate UE5 engineer to join our core game development team and work alongside with our game production team - working primarily on Space flight physics system, Ballistics models and PvP multiplayer implementation.


* Develop and optimize multiplayer gameplay systems
* Collaborate with other members of Design and Engineering to ensure multiplayer systems are responsive, accurate
* Write C++ code that is performant and aligns with coding best practices
* Implement communications with RESTful API and other online subsystems APIs such as authentication, matchmaking, lobby, game analytics, network security and performance, player progression, and other data
* Stress testing servers and creating/debugging networking and multi-threaded systems
* Research, share and discuss networked game system architectural decisions and best practices


* Solid experience building multiplayer systems in Unreal
* Excellent knowledge of C++ coding principles and practices with at least 3 years of professional experience
* Experience working with dedicated server, listen server and hybrid online/couch PVP/PVE architecture
* A demonstrated passion and curiosity to understand how multiplayer systems work and their impact on player experience
* Good understanding of the problem of lag, prediction and correction
* Experience with first-person and third-person perspective games (especially shooters)
* Knowledge of client/server architectures and the full network stack
* 2+ years UE4 programming experience and experience with UE5.
* Experience with networking systems in online games and an understanding of the engineering tradeoffs associated with different types of implementations (e.g. peer to peer vs. client/server, deterministic lockstep vs. state synchronization, TCP vs. UDP).
* Strong multi-threaded programming skills
* Understanding of network protocols such as HTTP, TCP & UDP

About Search for Animera:
Full of unique planets and lifeforms, Search for Animera is a next-generation Sci-Fi AAA interplanetary conquest and exploration based MMORPG being built on Unreal Engine 5. Explore and colonize via strategic gameplay supported by a thriving in-game economy set in an ever-expanding sandbox of procedurally generated and handcrafted worlds - all in the Search For Animera.

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