Get Paid for Giving Crypto Trading Advice / Participate in Crypto Trading Competitions

Task details
Posted on Apr 5th, 2023
Accepting applications
$70.00 per hour (Negotiable)
One Time
Skills Required
  • Crypto Development

Looking for experienced Crypto Traders to join the beta test of a new platform where you get paid to give Crypto Trading Advice and participate in competitions with cash prizes.

**This is not a job posting for development work. This is an invitation to participate in a beta test where you get paid to share your crypto trading advice and participate in trading competitions with cash prizes**

I’m McEwen Hardy, Co-Founder / CEO of Bull Prophet (, a 2 sided marketplace for paid crypto trading advice.  

On the Bull Prophet marketplace, an expert trader like yourself would host a room and sell your trading knowledge and advice to customers.  You would share your advice by paper trading with 10k USDT (not real USDT), make moonshot picks, coin price predictions, and communicate with your subscribers through 2 way chat.  

Traders looking for advice (your customers) will come to Bull Prophet, find you on a leaderboard, and pay you to subscribe to your room.  You set your own price for entry into your room. To get your subscriptions started, you could invite anybody you currently give trading advice to or invite your social media followers.

Bull Prophet is all about trading advice. That means no trades are being executed through the app and the only money is being paid by users to you, the crypto trading expert, for access to your room / trading advice.

You pay nothing to host a room on the platform and Bull Prophet takes 20% of the subscription fees paid by your subscribers to you.  That means that you pay nothing, Bull Prophet only gets paid when you are making money, and you can not lose money by participating.

If you join now, while we are in our beta test, Bull Prophet will only take 10% of your subscription fees instead of the usual 20%.

Since we have not launched yet, we still want to give you an opportunity to make money while you create a record of how you good you are at trading for your future customers.

Every week we have a competition where the crypto expert with the largest % gain wins 125 USDT, 2nd place wins 50 USDT, 3rd place wins 25 USDT.  This competition restarts every week and winners are paid immediately.

We also have a competition from now until when Bull Prophet launches publicly where the crypto expert with the largest % gain wins 500 USDT.

Want to join the beta test, enter the trading competitions, and start making money with no risk?

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