Head of Design

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Posted on May 11th, 2021
Accepting applications
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Design & Creative - Other

At RabbitHole, we’re building the best way to for users to discover crypto applications and earn ownership in them. users a path to learn and earn a piece of ownership in each network. We’re building the most important onboarding into the crypto application layer, and good product design is paramount for the success of RabbitHole.

We’re looking for a full-time remote (US preferred) product designer who is confident in UI & UX design. This person needs to be confident in building interfaces that increase product engagement and understanding, while being able to work cross-functionally with a team of engineers.

Who we are

Our team has deep crypto-native roots, working at some of the leading consumer teams in web3 like CryptoKitties and the most well-known governance ecosystems like MakerDAO. We’re combining the best of both worlds of web3 with a focus on getting mainstream users down the crypto rabbit hole ? ?️

We believe that to bring the next millions into crypto, we need to make it easier for users to discover cryptonetworks while making it easier for cryptonetworks to find users who want to participate in the network. It’s not enough for users to just supply liquidity and speculate, but to become a user and participate. We’re doing that by being the “Product Hunt of Crypto”.

Market opportunity - cryptonetworks struggle to find the right token holders who want to grow the network instead of speculating, often willing to spend hundreds of dollars per user for millions of dollars without being able to grow the community.

Product opportunity - RabbitHole is making it easy for users to discover new networks, participate, and earn tokens. RabbitHole tracks your activity on-chain to measure your progress and find the right task for you.


Enjoy working on a small team of highly competent and self-directed individuals

Are able to consistently ship product and iterate towards ideals

Provide and receive constructive criticism from fellow coworkers to increase quality of RabbitHole brand

Can guide team members when you are the expert and accept some critical feedback.

Embrace remote work culture and build strong relationships with the RabbitHole team by maintaining a high-level communication

Enjoy a holistic view of building apps that use motion and visual design.

Share a strong portfolio of previous product design work showcasing visual and UX design skills

Have the ability to bring design projects from an idea to live product.

Have proficiency with Figma

Has a strong understanding of crypto (has used DeFi before)

Your Contribution

Oversee and manage design across all products

Interview users and stakeholders

Create wireframes, mocks or prototypes as needed

Inform your thinking using analytics

Oversee and manage additional design work (slide decks, social media, marketing campaigns, etc.)

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