Kusama Ecosystem Experts

Task details
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2022
Accepting applications
$150000.00 per year (Negotiable)
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Blockchain Development

I am seeking blockchain experts with knowledge of the Kusama blockchain ecosystem.

The Worldwide Futures Exchange (WFX) Project would create a currency, commodities, and stock futures market for every country in the World on one platform using a revolutionary pricing pattern protected under copyright called the TheSmithMatrix that would antiquate today's giant financial exchanges and form the basis for an expanded global commercial barter system. The WFX Project will be blockchain and digital currency based. WFX would allow any currency, commodity, or stock in the world to be priced in terms of any other currency, commodity, or stock at the push of a button.

1. Would create more viable commercial currency futures contracts thus expanding the global currency trading on regulated exchanges.

2. Would show all global trading on one regulated exchange.

3. Would allow developing nations' currencies, commodities, and stocks to trade on the global stage alongside developed nations currencies, commodities, and stocks.

4. Would allow anything in the world to be priced in terms of anything else in the world in any currency.

5. Would form the basis for a new global barter system.

6. Would allow for more accurate hedging.

7. Would create over 100,000 different global spreads or trading combinations on one exchange.

8. Easily creates a new global digital currency (Ren) to compete with the USD for reserve status.

9. Would easily allow the creation of any new futures contract or new currency.

10. Would expand the influence of the global financial system beyond the western and developed economies.

11. Creates a whole new inclusive global commercial numbering system.


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