NextJS web development and Mail server (SMTP) admin./config.

Task details
Posted on Apr 21st, 2024
Accepting applications
$500.00 per project (Negotiable)
One Time
Skills Required
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Web Development Phase III Design

Lulu Print API Integration, Mail, SMTP Servers, & Anon Telegram Method (2/3 Required; 1/3 Bonus Pay)

This document refers to the Site: – a NextJS webapp running in Docker. Its code will be provided.

Freelancer Requirements

Accepts payment in Bitcoin (BTC)

Communicates in English at an acceptable level (“just OK, or better”), and

Handle fiat (non-crypto) payments, if absolutely necessary, on behalf of Employer to be recompensed promptly and for a fee, for mail hosting.

Lulu Print API Integration (Required)

Lulu is a print & ship on demand service for authors to distribute their written textbooks. Employer is a pseudonymous author (Author).



API design parameters: Lulu-Print-API-openapi_public.yml (to be provided)

Developer Portal:

Freelancer shall build Lulu’s Print API functionality into the Site for Author to sell his forthcoming book via Lulu. The Site is designed to accept BTC payment, but does not have automated QR-code generation for each transaction that links to the Author’s wallet (yet) because of the following impediment.

SMTP Configuration: Two (2) Providers; mail routing using multiple mailboxes (Required)

Currently, Proton hosts the email (imap & smtp) for Unfortunately, they are not issuing an SMTP token, basically creating this problem.

The Site needs to email customers after they order a book with their Order # & BTC payment info (QR code & alphanumeric address). Author is a bodybuilding coach who works with clients who use Proton and so Author would like to continue using Proton SMTP for some mailboxes (e.g.,, & a different SMTP provider that will provide site functionality that relies on SMTP for other mailboxes (e.g.,


Thus, this Task requires that the Freelancer presents Author with the steps that he must take in order to configure DNS, VPS, mail host, and system configurations.

Anon Telegram Method for Author (Bonus)

Telegram is ideally suited for marketing and maintaining client relationships, both for the books and articles that the Author has written as well as for coaching.

Author, to maintain pseudonymity as Type-IIx on the internet, requires that he be able to access Telegram via Tor without registering via the clearnet.

Thus, this Task requires that the Freelancer presents Author with the credentials to log in to Telegram from Tor in a way that will reliably just work.

The Anon Telegram Method earns an additional $150.

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