Print Shop & Illustrator

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Posted on Jan 24th, 2024
$300.00 per month (Negotiable)
Part Time
Skills Required
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

Print Shop Duties & Tasks

Requirements: (1) A reliable print shop, capable of producing print softcover (or, as needed, hardcover) textbooks to be shipped (either to a warehouse drop-shipper or to the purchaser); (2) Graphic design skills sufficient to present the author with high-quality edits (and hopefully some options to select from) based on the given descriptions below & the images provided, those related to the website (Website Images, Logos) are available at the URL below & will be provided in their raw format in a zip, and those for the book (Print Book Images) will be provided also.


Employer is a pseudonymous publisher. The website from which print textbooks are to be sold is 


The first book to be published is titled Bolus: A Practical and Reference Guide for the Use of Recombinant hGH and GH Secretagogues. The book has been written, but requires a talented illustrator to graphically design certain elements (thematic renditions for print of Graphs, Tables, and Charts). A cover is needed, but its basic design elements have been generated by the use of AI tools (e.g., StableDiffusion). Creative license is granted and the freelancer is given a fair breadth of design decisionmaking.


Anticipated demand is estimated to be high initially. The Print Shop must be capable of meeting the demand for potentially one hundred or more books to be produced & shipped in the first month that may continue for some months, that is expected to taper off, but work will continue.


A $600 USD capital investment will be given for the Print Shop to get started in anticipation of orders for books coming in, and for the freelancer's graphic design work (see Website Images, Print Book Images, Logos, below). Afterwards, $300 USD will be paid monthly for continuing print on demand & shipping.


All images referred to below will be provided to the Print Shop/Illustrator (Freelancer) in a compressed zip file after the Task has been commissioned-for.

Website Images


Ampouletude-consultancy.png [link] – to something that better reflects individualization & weighing, balancing considerations & tradeoffs, if you can think of something creative & scintillating, while respecting the theme & color scheme (i.e., blue, white [major], black & gold [minor]).

Ampouletude-Support-footer-900-660-0.png [link] – to something that better reflects technical support while respecting the theme & color scheme (i.e., blue, white [major], black & gold [minor]).


Improve these images for

Print Book Images


Cover Page

Bolus-ampoule-design.png [to be provided]


Add text:

Title: Bolus

Subtitle: A Practical and Reference Guide to the Use of Recombinant hGH and GH Secretagogues

Author: Type-IIx


Back Page & Throughout

Bolus-polypeptide-structure.png [to be provided]


Integrate this polypeptide concept, keeping bright & brilliant foreground colours, with the Cover Page design & scheme

Format in several dimensions for various standard dimensions for print books

Create a space for inside the front page for the author to write a synopsis

Use your create and artistic license throughout, and create for presentation as many as you think are necessary to satisfy editorial review



Full Logo

Logo_Full.png [link]

Text Logo

Logo_TextOnly.png [link]

No Text Logo

Logo_NoText.png [to be provided]

Blue Helix Logo Concept

Ampouletude-vial-silhoutte-1.png [to be provided]


Integrate these logo png images into scintillating new logos with the following constraints & requirements:

Company Name, αmpouletude, is the primary focus: using a blue α (alpha symbol) as the first letter of its name

IIx is the secondary focus: may use brilliant gold, or adhere to a more traditional black & white scheme

The ampoule (an ‘ampoule’ is a glass vial in the style shown in Logo_Full.png & Logo_NoText.png) is the third focus, and must have:

Thin head/neck & slightly wider bottom

No lid (should not have a top like in Ampouletude-vial-silhoutte-1.png, but instead should have a top like in Logo_Full.png & Logo_NoText.png)

Blue helix inside the ampoule in the same style or pattern as Ampouletude-vial-silhoutte-1.png

Sine wave (the same pattern of wave as shown in Logo_Full.png)

Color scheme: Blue & white, gold (brilliant) additionally OK

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