Mouad Lasri

Mouad Lasri

in Seoul, Korea

Experienced Full-stack Web Developer and Data Analysis in the following: • Front-end: Html, Css, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React -•Back-end: NodeJs, ExpressJs, ASPNet Core • Database:...

Experienced Full-stack Web Developer and Data Analysis in the following:

 • Front-end: Html, Css, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React 

-•Back-end: NodeJs, ExpressJs, ASPNet Core

 • Database: SQL, MongoDB, Microsoft Azure Database 

• Data Analysis: Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib 


• Data Analyst with SQL Server (2020) 

• Data Engineer with Python (2020) 

• Data Analyst with Python (2019) 


A short description of my most recent projects: 

1) Restaurant Management Congestion Analytics: 

A data analytics system that aims to reduce the congestion of clients in restaurants and reduce waiting time by checking in real time the best time to order food on their phones. Also, the system optimizes the restaurants’ inventory, time management and order-handling by providing insightful and detailed analytics through a web interface dashboard that displays the food item ordered, time of order, time of order completion, and overall performance of the menu items. The motivation behind this project was to get rid of the inefficiency of using old order-recording equipment that slowed This system is made of 3 applications: A mobile application (used by students), a web application (used by the restaurants) and an API. Technologies used: Web Application: (Frontend) React, (Database)Azure SQL Database, (Hosting) Microsoft Azure. Mobile Application: React Native API: ASP.Net Core API

 2) Carpooling Application (Database Systems Class Project): 

My home university’s campus is located in a remote area with few transportation options to other big cities. This created a transportation shortage problem that I decided to solve by making a carpooling application for the benefit of the students. First, the general workflow of the application involves students either creating or joining a carpool and filtering by price, destination, time etc. Users can check in real-time the status of the carpools, cancel and comment on the trips they created/joined. Since the data model itself will not change over time and the application involves a lot of back-and-forth complex database querying, I opted for a relational SQL database after a benchmarking research of SQL vs. NoSQL databases to choose what best fits my needs. I used Microsoft Azure cloud database service since it is the best PaaS in terms of price/storage, especially for students, and is integrated into Visual Studio ecosystem which makes development easier and faster. Furthermore, I reduced the amount of code that communicates with the Azure database by heavily using SQL triggers to update several tables at the same time when an event triggers (a student joining a carpool for example would update multiple tables automatically). Technologies used: (Frontend) React, (Backend) ASP.Net, (Database) SQL, (Hosting) Microsoft Azure.